Bolle Polarized Sunglasses Review

When it comes to buying polarized sunglasses, Bolle is among one of the most popular brands that offer high-quality and utmost eye-protection to the wearer. Their polarized sunglasses are not only quite comfortable and easy-to-wear, but they are also affordable in comparison to other high-quality polarized sunglasses. Available in different designs and offering several beneficial features, Bolle polarized sunglasses are among the best options you can consider if you’re buying quality sunglasses.

Here are a few reviews of some of the best sunglasses offered by Bolle with polarized lenses.

Bolle Tempo Sunglasses

Featuring large lenses and a sturdy, lightweight frame, Bolle Tempo sunglasses are ideal if you want to wear them out on a long, sunny day. The frame has a metal exterior whereas the lenses offer clear and crisp vision without any color aberration. The sunglasses also offer 100% UV protection and glare-free vision. Due to the rubber pads at the nose and the snug earpieces, the glasses fit well on your face and can be worn easily during active sports as well as common day-to-day activities.

Bolle King Sunglasses

With a large plastic, lightweight frame and large lenses, Bolle King Sunglasses protect your eyes from UV rays and the glare of the sun quite well. Due to the thermogrip temple tips that are used in these sunglasses, the latter offer a perfect fit while balancing out pressure points equally. The nose pads used in the sunglasses have moisture-absorbent qualities that keep the glasses from slipping on hot, sunny days.

Bolle Anaconda Sunglasses

With a sleek and stylish look, Bolle Anaconda sunglasses are ideal for the protection of eyes, especially during sports activities. They feature a stylish frame that comes with thermogrip rubber temple tips and nose pads which in turn offer a firm and sturdy grip. The lenses used provide 100% UVA and UVB protection and a 20-times better impact-resistant capability as compared to glass. The glasses also come with a limited manufacturer’s warranty to ensure high-quality and performance. If you are also interested about the high quality ray ban eyeglasses for you then you should go designeroptics.com to buy one.

Bolle Piranha Sunglasses

The Piranha Bolle polarized sunglasses feature a nylon frame that makes it lightweight, flexible and highly durable. The nose pads and the ear pieces used are hydrophilic, which helps in keeping the frame right in place. The resin lens offers a higher impact resistance as compared to glass while keeping the sunglasses lighter. The sides of the glasses feature armor shells that provide protection against scratching. With a snug and stylish look, Piranha is ideal if you want something comfortable.

Bolle Tetra Sunglasses

Another high-performance eye-wear by Bolle, the Tetra sunglasses are sleek, stylish and comfortable. The frame is made from durable nylon and features moisture-absorbent rubber contact points that keep the glasses well in place. Offering 100% UV and impact protection, Tetra sunglasses are especially ideal for sporting activities. However, they look equally cool when worn daily as well.

Bolle Sport Recoil Sunglasses

The Sport Recoil sunglasses feature plastic, shatter-resistant lenses that are lightweight and capable of providing 100% UVA and UVB protection. The glasses come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty and can also be obtained without a polarized lens. An embedded light filter makes the lenses quite effective in protecting your eyes against the glare to a large extent. The plastic frame is built is a wrap-around style that offers a perfect fit.

Apart from these, there is a large variety of Bolle polarized sunglasses that can be found offering different styles, colors and features. However, one thing remains constant when it comes to Bolle: all their sunglasses are of high-quality and offer your eyes the maximum level of protection. Therefore, if the health and safety of your eyes is your major concern when buying sunglasses, Bolle is definitely a worthy option to be considered.