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How to Vacuum High Pile Carpet

Vacuuming High Pile Carpet

Great to the eyes and touch as well, high pile rugs, aka “shag rugs” make a nice impression in any room. It may give a touch of elegance to any space and become the center of attention of your room.
As fancy and elegant they may be, they are also a bit challenging to clean and take care of. No matter its fabric, the high pile carpet may get dirt and dust in time and it’s always better to clean them on regular basics. If you’re already able to see the dirt and dust, it means it’s already a bit late for the cleaning.
There’s no easy way to clean a high pile carpet, but sure, there are some ways to do it without climbing up the wall with all the fuss and effort.

Make it a regular habit

Apart from all the tips that you could follow when it comes to taking care of your high pile carpet, this may be the most important one.
It’s essential to vacuum your shag rug once a week, to keep its appearance. If your shag rug is placed in a high-traffic spot, you should do it even daily.
When your shag is in a place you don’t really use, once a month should be enough for vacuuming.

How to vacuum it

Hopefully, you already got yourself a vacuum that is right for your high pile carpet. If not, we’re gonna give you some tips later on.

1. You should set your vacuum’s head to high pile. It’s important to have the feature on the vacuum as the head slides easier around and you get more control over the suction as well.

2. You want the overside exposed to you so you need to flip the rug. Move the head away from you and start vacuuming.

3. It’s better to stand on the edge of the rug so that the rug doesn’t move. it’s also a good way to lose any dirt, dust or debris left over in the fibers.

4. Be meticulous and don’t forget about the floor where you had just vacuum the carpet’s underside. So roll out the carpet and vacuum the floor as well.

5. You may now spread out the rug side up, suction out the dust, debris and dirt. Take your time and…be meticulous again. It may take a while until you’re done. Do it row by row so you don’t miss any spots.

Important tip when vacuuming it

Even though you may fall into temptation of using the power brush head, try to resist it. The power brush head is going to tear and wear unnecessary your high pile carpet and you want your rug to last a bit longer.
You may also use a wet/dry vacuum on your high pile carpet. You don’t really want big, strong vacuum cleaner on your high pile carpet as it may pull and ruin forever the fibers.
What makes a good vacuum cleaner for your high pile carpet?
Using the right vacuum for your high pile carpet is essential so here are some tips to keep in mind when shopping.

1. Easy to wash HEPA filter
Get a vacuum cleaner that has HEPA filter, as they are so efficient for removing all dirt from your shag rag. The HEPA filter is made to capture 99.99% of all dirt, debris, mold and allergens. Who wouldn’t want that for their shag rag?

2. Great suction system
There are many various systems out there that are great to use on your shag rag, and you may choose from dual cyclonic systems, multi-cyclonic system, Cinetic Balls, Allergen-Seals and so on!

3. Good hosing
You should look for a vacuum with the hose system made to vacuum dirt right into the collection receptacle so that it works in conjunction with the suction system, with minimal risk for clogging.

4. Easy to take care of
Vacuum cleaners with dirt collection canisters that are easy to remove and to put back together are the way to go. You want something that works with just a push of the button so that the dirt “falls out” easy peasy.

5. Great brush roll design
You need a vacuum brush roll design that really gets into your high pile carpet, cleaning them completely. Don’t be afraid to make a test and to look for the one that pleases you the most.

The final tips

If your high pile carpet is small, you may always tumbled in the dryer, but only air it. Your rug is going to be all “fluffed” up afterwards, not only clean.
You may also steam clean your shag rag from time to time and even dry shampoo it every now and then. Use a good cleaner to remove any stains or spills and give it time to dry. You don’t want any mold in your high pile carpet.

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